Cofee Trend
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Cofee Trend



Cofee Trend

Attention to each client

The clients of Cofee Trend  receive everything they may miss in the busy working day or the leisurely hours of rest.

“We do not offer luxury because we are practical. We fulfill orders quickly, because our daily life is dizzyingly fast. We offer quality drinks and food at reasonable prices, because we also find it difficult to earn our money. We work the way we live, because Coffee trend is the fifth member of our family and we are happy when there are satisfied and calm people around us.

And last but not least – we love to drink coffee and that’s why we offer one of the highest quality coffee brands – Lavazza. ” – says the owner Stiryan Mollov

We are happy that he trusted us for the look and corporate identity of the cozy cafe in the center of Varna.


June 12, 2020


Corporate Identity